WEB Starter Package
How do you get your company started on the Internet/WEB??         

The Internet is an excellent and very low-cost marketing tool.  People today use
the Internet as a replacement or supplement to the phone book - to find providers
of products and services.  If you are not on the WEB, you are missing out on
potential business and falling behind your competition…

  • Get a presence on the World Wide Web
  • Be easily found by those searching for your product or service
  • Increase new business inquiries      
  • Create a professional, big-company look and feel for your business

We are having a "get started" sale  to help small businesses leverage the power
of the WEB. Offer valid for the fist 25 customers to place an order through
4/15/2007.  During this time, the Basic Starter WEB Package is offered for 50%
off our regular pricing, plus Yahoo monthly hosting fees of approximately $11.95
Design & Development by our staff, hosting by Yahoo.

Basic Starter WEB Package includes:
  • Internet Domain name. First year free. (i.e. yourbusiness.com)
  • Multiple email accounts, by Yahoo (i.e. sales@yourbusiness.com, etc).
  • Five Gigabytes of storage, by Yahoo (more than enough….)
  • Hosted by Yahoo to provide reliability and 7*24 service
  • Four page customized website  (i.e. www.yourbusiness.com)
  • Home page (overview of company and services/products. The
    “attention getter.”)
  • Services/Products page (details of products/services)
  • Portfolio page (examples of your services/products, pictures,
    testimonials, etc)
  • Contact page (listings for business phone numbers, address, fax,
    email inquiry, etc)

Examples of our Starter Package & satisfied customers:
Bay Bridge Investments, LLC.