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Who are you dealing with??

The Bay Bridge Companies have been in existence since  
2000. The founder,
Rob Welsh, has been involved in the
high-tech Internet business and professional consulting
services for the past 20 years. Education includes a BS
Computer Science from Old Dominion University and Masters
of Computer Science from John's Hopkins University. Work
experiences include land acquisition and development,
technology/staff/project management, large-scale Internet
design/development/operations, real-time embedded systems
development of Internet switching equipment, applications
programming, database programming, technology consulting,
rapid staff development and general business consulting.

Prior to starting the Bay Bridge Companies, the founder was
Vice President of Engineering for a large Internet Service
Provider and was responsible for the design, initial launch,
planning, growth, management, staffing and around-the-clock
operations of a multi-national dedicated access and wide area
network for
America Online and a wholesale/resale network
that together provided 1 million DSL & Dial-up subscriber ports
covering the United States, Canada and Japan. This project
generated in excess of $850M annual revenue.

After leaving the large corporate environment in 2000, the Bay
Bridge Companies were born.  Initially the focus was on
professional services consulting working for high tech Venture
Capital companies as roving advisors, assisting with the
planning, launch and or evolution of Internet product start-up
companies.  Things evolved into a split business of consulting,
programming and speculative residential land acquisition  to
take advantage of the boom in that sector. Today, we continue
to provide professional services to  the high-tech  sector,
consult with small companies and individuals to apply Internet
technologies to their activities and pursue opportunities within
residential development.
Bay Bridge Investments, LLC.
Robert Welsh - Founder
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